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Pirelli Tyres

Italy-based Pirelli was founded in Milan in 1872. Pirelli, a pure consumer tyre company, specialises in the high-value tyre market and is constantly seeking to manufacture innovative products that reach the highest levels of performance and safety.

At We R Tyres & Alloys, we sell Pirelli tyres Sunderland in various sizes and categories.

Pirelli Tyre Variants You Can Find Here

Here are some of the top-selling Pirelli variants with us:

All-season Tyres

All season tyres combine the specific characteristics of summer tyres and winter tyres, making them suitable for all year round usage. They come with intermediate tread depth and a specialised silica-infused compound.

Summer Tyres

Summer tyres use a special hard compound designed to provide lower rolling resistance, superior grip, and shorter braking distances on dry tracks. These tyres are also designed to resist aquaplaning resistance and are therefore suitable for wet tracks as well.

Winter Tyres

These models from Pirelli are designed to provide optimal grip, traction and cornering precision on icy tracks. The additional grooves, sipes and deeper tread depth make these variants suitable to tackle the challenges of driving on winter tracks effectively.

Apart from these tyres, we also specialise in selling other tyre variants such as 4x4 tyres, run-flat tyres – and of course, the world-famous performance tyres.

You can purchase these Pirelli models online from our website. Simply enter your car registration number in our tyre finder tool, browse the virtual catalogue, and choose a model.


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