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Are you looking for Level Top Ups for your vehicle?

Do you reside in or around Sunderland and want to take preventive maintenance measures to ensure your car’s optimum performance?

You probably know how important, regular servicing is to keep your vehicle in good shape.

Experts also recommend regular engine oil checks, Level Top Ups or oil changes, if necessary, between interim-and full car servicing.

Opt for these oil services from a reliable facility like ours - We R Tyres & Alloys.

It is often enough to just carry out an Level Top Ups Sunderland when the vehicle is serviced once or twice a year anyway.

For vehicles that drive a high mileage or are driven on dirt roads frequently, regular oil changes are the best option in between services.

How Do We Perform Engine Oil And Filter Change Sunderland?

Our highly competent professionals perform the following steps to enhance performance levels and protect the engine oil from contaminates that may accumulate over time-

Step 1: Our technicians take the vehicle on the ramp, so they get enough space to work.

Step 2: They remove the drain plug and drain the old engine oil

Step 3: The old filter is being removed

Step 4: The drain plug is tightened

Step 5: The new filter is fitted

Step 6: The new engine oil is added

Step 7: Our expert will then double-check there are no leaks

When Should You Visit Us?

You should regularly check your vehicle’s oil level (see vehicle handbook) to find out whether your car requires an oil top-up Sunderland or an oil change.

Here are also some tell-tale signs indicating your vehicle demands an oil replacement.

  • The colour of the oil turns dark
  • If the oil texture is coarse and gritty
  • Excessive smoke coming from the exhaust
  • Oil levels fluctuate even after routine oil top-up
  • If the oil warning light is showing on the dashboard
  • A clicking noise coming from the engine

Why should you opt for an Engine Oil Top-up Sunderland?

Maintaining the correct engine oil level is essential as it lubricates, cleanses, cools and protects the moving components of your vehicle’s engine.

It also plays a role when it comes to MOT testing.


Engine oil is essential while performing exhaust emission level inspection.

Polluted or low engine oil levels can result in an MOT failure.

Would you like to know more about our oil change- or oil top-up Sunderland?

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We are always happy to help.

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