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Are you looking for Wheel Alignment for your vehicle?

Did you know that inaccurate wheel alignment can seriously affect your driving safety and your car’s fuel efficiency?

To enjoy optimal vehicle performance, you should opt for routine wheel alignment checks after every 5,000 - 6,000 miles.

At We R Tyres & Alloys, we provide accurate wheel alignment checks Sunderland at very cost-effective rates. Our technicians are well trained with many years of in-hand experience in this field of work. We use state-of-the-art aligners and sensors to deliver accurate wheel alignment checks.

Furthermore, our experts will successfully re-align the faulty angles to their manufacture-make specifications after thoroughly inspecting your vehicle’s axle geometry in a short period of time.

So, whether you own a 2-wheel or a 4-wheel drive vehicle, bring it to our service centre for reliable wheel alignment checks. We are based at Unit 2, Mayfair Building, SR2 7PD, UK.

What Are The Causes Of Misaligned Wheels?

Multiple scenarios can compromise your car’s optimum wheel misalignment, including:

  • Hitting curbs
  • Driving through potholes
  • Driving on rough roads
  • Driving over Spead breakers at a higher speed
  • Minor car collision
  • Worn out suspension parts.

Symptoms Of Misaligned Car Wheels

You will notice the following signs if your vehicle's axle is at fault-

  • Your car will drift in one direction even if you try to drive in a straight line at a regular speed The steering wheel will be off-centred
  • Poor braking performance
  • Tyres will wear rapidly and unevenly
  • The cornering precision of your car will be compromised

You should opt for wheel alignment checks from our garage if you come across any of these warning signs. Delaying will affect the performance of the related car components and can lead to hefty repair bills in the long run.

How Do We Help?

We will first look into your vehicle’s wheel alignment thoroughly using cutting-edge cameras and sensors to note the discrepancies. Then, we will rectify them using the advanced machinery according to the manufacturer's specifications.

Moreover, our technicians conduct a detailed inspection of all the three wheel angles, such as-


It is the angle of the steering axis when viewed from the side. A misaligned caster hampers your car’s cornering precision, handling performance and wheel responsiveness.


This is the angle formed due to the inward and outward tilting of the car wheels when viewed from the front. Improper camber can lead to poor acceleration and braking performance.


The toe angle is the inward or outward tilt of the wheels from a bird’s eye view. A misaligned toe will lead to the vehicle drifting in one direction even while rolling on a straight path.

Our facility also uses a computerised system to find the displacement of the current wheel angles from their original make and re-align your vehicle’s axle geometry accordingly.

Besides, we provide additional checks on related car components for utmost driving safety.

So, please don't wait any longer looking for “wheel alignment near me” and book your slot with us today.

Furthermore, if you want to contact us for more detailed information, then please call us on 0191 551 6577 or 07914 064 724.

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